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It might be time to reevaluate your hiring process to ensure you're not scaring away potential candidates.

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September 2017

The Corner Post

Does Your Hiring Process Scare Away the Best Candidates?

This Month's Featured Post

Obviously, a company never wants to scare away talented professionals with their recruiting process, and yet – it happens all the time. Applicants are typically scared away by a lack of communication or failure on the part of the business to build a solid relationship. However, all companies are made of people, and employee quality is one of the primary drivers of business success.

Is a Good Employee With a Bad Attitude Worth the Hassle?

A talented employee with a bad attitude is a challenging and unique problem for an employer. If the employee isn’t producing good results, disciplinary action or termination are obvious choices to make. However, if the employee is highly productive and creating significant value for the company, negative consequences for their bad behavior could do the company more harm than good.

5 Resume Warning Signs to Watch Out For

These overused resume terms are somewhat harmless, but they could be enough to eliminate candidates if you have a lot of competition for an open position.

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